We Are Not Page 164, We Are Not Page 164

Our Mission: “The dream has always been clear for Swim Lab International, in short being able to assist as many families as possible around the world through a network of our services. The more families we reach the greater the difference we can make”. 

One person physically has a maximum capacity both mentally and physically and that has been evident from day one. Health is super important to all of us. The question has to be asked: What happens if anything happens to you?  If we don’t look after ourselves, how can we look after anyone else?

Swim Lab was created to mask therapy for children and adults with disabilities through the love of a sport that has given so much love and joy to families everywhere. Having passion for something makes all the hard work a little easier to manage. Still that comes at a cost. Countless years of training, studying and continued professional development which never seems to end. Being complacent simply isn’t an option in order to reach as many families as possible and we must continue to grow.

Growth in itself comes with learning, making changes, adapting systems and building teams so that our love and passion grows. The process for Swim Lab taking on new team members is almost like conducting an operation in itself. We work tirelessly, following, researching and watching the actions of others to see if they have the desired qualities Swim Lab need to deliver our programmes. There really is no one size fits all attitude when it comes to who is the right fit.  

Firstly we look into their background, what have they studied, how have they applied themselves, what have they achieved, what have they given, how do they deliver, do they have drive, determination, commitment and a hunger to achieve more. The ability to think fast and outside the box, communicate with clients, families and the people around them. The flexibility to make changes and deliver notes that are not just comprehensive but also that we can use them for case studies to be able to assist more families by combining a bank of knowledge to study, share and incorporate into our programmes.

This process usually takes around 12 months, if not more. Once we are happy that they will gel into our ethics and delivery model, only then do we engage in phase two. At this point we actually make contact with a view to begin training. Training with Swim Lab is delivered over many months and continues throughout our journey together. 

Remembering our mission, assisting as many families as we can possibly reach. Our training is tough and whilst having an extensive educational and practical history is a great start, moulding these skills and adapting them to our delivery model is somewhat different.

We are not working with page 164 of a text book, we are working with actual children and adults. Each client is unique and should be treated as such. That is why page 164 doesn’t exsist, our training helps us as a team to deliver our training model with this at the forefront of our delivery. 

Training begins in our HQ in Lanzarote. This includes visits to our training centre which is backed up by training days and evenings delivered via video link through our interactive training tank once returning home. Using case studies we discuss examples of situations that the team will use for working with our clients. This training takes 6 months and continues long after delivery of sessions. 

On a weekly basis the team meet to discuss various upcoming training weeks. Specific client therapy plans are discussed as a team to ensure suitable delivery and engagement in skills sharing and referencing helping us to tailor our delivery for each and every client. 

Sessions may be delivered by one member of the team in a specific location but the delivery is only a small part of the process. The work behind the scenes from every member of the team is so vast that any one of us could pick up the notes and deliver a session. 

The saying that there is no I in team is used so often here at Swim Lab it should actually be printed on our T-shirts. Every member of the team has input to every client and skill and knowledge sharing makes the dream work. 

We are working extremely hard at the moment developing further team members as far away as The USA and Australia. Our mission will never be complete but our determination to succeed is ever growing whilst keeping our clients welfare at the fore front of our delivery. 

Together we will get there but until cloning our team is an option we will continue to strive with every hour we have available. Together we are building, together we are stronger and together we will succeed because nobody is page 164 of a text book. 

To find out more about our recruitment programme you can visit our recruitment section under services.

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