‘I can’t do it’ or ‘together we can’

I wonder how many times we have heard that phrase this week already! The way we are all feeling at the moment, I am sure we all feel like saying it over and over to every situation we are presented with. During therapy sessions often clients are fast to jump on the go to statement of “I can’t do it”. Let’s think about it, can you really not do something or is it a gut reaction which is presented from fear of the unknown or from the thought of trying to achieve and failing?

During our therapy sessions we aim to challenge our clients either in person or virtually but only through guidance and knowing that they can achieve the activity or exercise. Sometimes we have to back track and go about the exact same exercise just delivered in a different way. Other times we have to break the exercise down into smaller parts, reassure the client and build them back together piece by piece, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Ultimately we get there when changing our approach.


‘I can’t do it’ should be replaced with ‘together we can’. Together we should be able to navigate any situation to allow our clients the opportunity to develop and learn new skills. Our fantastic team have a trick up their sleeve to be able to adapt situations in a blink of an eye. 

Clients either build up a fear related to something they have had a negative experience with or something that they have often thought about without actually having experienced it yet. 

Our top 5 tips for changing

‘I can’t do it’ into ‘together we can’

  1. Break down the activity or exercise into smaller manageable parts or points

  2. Remain positive about situations even if not yet achieving the desired outcome

  3. Change tact, if your not getting what you need. Think how you can adjust it

  4. Manage expectations through motivation knowing they can do it

  5. Little and often repetition is key but only in small bursts.

We have recently began conducting Virtual therapy sessions for our clients and the feedback from families has been outstanding. If you haven’t had your FREE virtual session with us yet, please get in touch through the form here. 

Together we can! #togetherwearestronger

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