Fit Lab International group classes

Parkinsons Clinic – 4 week Free programme

Fit Lab International, part of the Swim Lab International group are providing FREE therapy sessions conducted by a physiotherapist who can help you manage many aspects of your condition particularly the physical aspects.

Parkinsons disease Fit Lab International

Through engaging online live therapy programmes that best suits your needs we aim to maintain/improve your current level of activity or fitness, help manage or decrease any pain or stiffness associated with your condition and encourage independence. You do not need to download any software to join.

With your condition specifically we may work on posture, balance and mobility particularly.

The programme that we are providing can: 

  • Provide stretching advice and exercise
  • contain exercises that encourage global or limb specific movement
  • strength exercises both limb specific or globally
  • provide functional/activity advise
  • provide specific balance exercises and advice
  • mobility focussed activities and practice
  • monitor and work with you in order to review/advise changes in activities that may become difficult.

We believe that making our programmes as accessible as possible will allow greater development especially during the current world changes we are experiencing.

Our programme is completely free of charge and each group will have a maximum of 3 clients during any one session. This is so that your physiotherapist can get to know you personally and to ensure the exercises are performed correctly. We have 3 different levels of sessions available; chair based, Standing and Balance, Mobility / Advanced walking.

These sessions will take place on a Tuesday morning:

Chair based:

  • 10am (UK time) on 19th May, 26th May,  2nd June, 9th June

Standing and Balance:

  • 10.45am (UK time) on 19th May, 26th May,  2nd June, 9th June

Mobility/Advanced walking:

  • 11.30am (UK time) on 19th May, 26th May,  2nd June, 9th June


If you would like to register your space please complete the form below to receive your registration forms. In order to access the session you do not require any programmes, log in or passwords. Simply click the link in your email and you will be whisked away to your virtual therapy room.

You will require an iPad or computer with internet signal and a camera to be able to take part in the sessions.

If you have any questions prior to registering, please contact us through our contact page. Should we receive more requests than spaces available we will create additional classes and contact you with alternative times and dates.

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