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We are excited to announce that we are rolling out our online platform to all Swim Lab International clients and anyone who is not yet a client. This is your chance to register for a FREE online session with one of our team who will provide you with a live individual session and a months worth of FREE programmes. This will help you to continue whilst at home during and after lockdown.

All you have to do is visit our Fit Lab International Facebook page

LIKE the page, and complete this form which will allow us to register you and get your session booked in. This offer is open to all.

We know this is a very difficult time for everyone which is why our team is committed to help you all and getting everyone through this together, stronger and ready to move forward.

We are waiting for you and cannot wait to see you all again in person but right now we have to remain committed to beating this virus and as we say: #togetherwearestronger.


xav facebook post
“Since lockdown we have been partaking in the Fit Lab element of Swim Lab International and for us, it’s been a life saver.  Xav is normally moving around and partaking in swimming during the week so when the lockdown came in, we struggled to keep him moving and exercising in the right way….. Enter Fit Lab… our knights in shiny armour!
They wrote and delivered a continuing course that would not only enable Xav to continue with the strength needed for the swimming bit also to stop his muscles, ligaments and tendons shortening or stiffening, which is a huge problem.

The online delivery is personal to the client and they adjust as they go if this is needed, its fully interactive and its fun.  Paul always explains the what’s and why’s and how this will help in the long run.  Xav looks forward to these sessions and Paul gets a lot more out of him than I can!

If you are thinking but are unsure… take the step and you won’t regret it”.

Check out what medical conditions we work with here.


All sessions are delivered via our online platform which does not require you to add any software, type in passwords or any log in details. All you require is a video playing device with camera and a strong internet signal.

Once we send out an appointment to you, all we ask is that you complete the form in the email prior to your session and our team will be ready to work with you shortly.

Online workout

All clients are entitled to one free session. On going fees:

Initial session: Free plus 1 month of programmes will be provided.

Continuation of sessions: 80 euro per calendar month which includes 1 session per month. Additional sessions can be conducted throughout the month as you and your therapist see fit. These are charged at the reduced rate of 50 euros per session.

Invoice can be issued as pay as you go or through block payments. These are reduced service rates in order to assist as many people as possible. Once taking sessions they can be increased or decreased as and when you wish with no contract to continue at any point.

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