Therapy for Children with DS

Therapy for children with DS aims to engage children in exercises and activities that help them to learn and develop their whole body skills and abilities, help strengthen their muscles and increase tone, and help encourage, promote and develop function, activity and independent movement.

The programmes that we provide can: 

  • Provide stretching advice and exercise
  • contain exercises that encourage global or limb specific movement
  • strength exercises both limb specific or globally
  • encourage good body posture and alignment
  • provide functional/activity advise
  • provide specific balance exercises and advice
  • provide movement and mobility programmes.

We provide individual consultations via application forms, videos and where possible 1-1 hands on assessments with our team.


From the consultations together we can choose which options of therapy best suits your child’s needs.

These may be:

  • individual sessions
  • group based exercise programmes (chair based, standing/mobility based, or specific gym based “training” sessions for those who require).

We will provide you with home exercise programmes that you can follow together with the therapist led sessions in order for you to continue with the therapy as and when best suits your child, the whole family or your daily routine. We strongly suggest you carry on these programmes throughout the week. 

We will regularly review/reassess and develop all our sessions regularly and can adapt any programmes when required.

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